Thanks to a number of wonderful people, especially my wife and children, I’m having an unconventional sort of mid-life crisis. Rather than getting a Red Corvette, I’m reading better and trying to do some creative things, especially photography and writing.  I take pictures with a glorified point-and-shoot camera that is nice for a hobbiest.  I don’t know a lot of photographic techniques, but I think about composition, and I really like using the zoom lens for small things.  It creates dramatic depth of field.

My inspiration to write, especially childhood stories, comes especially from enjoying stories told by family members, especially Mom and Dad, and from reading a lot of character driven stories by Wendell Berry. His characters remind me of some of the really interesting people that I have known. I try to make the stories funny and meaningful, and I hope they help to bring back good memories and life lessons to family and friends who share them with me. Some of the stories are sad, but not without hope or an attempt at good humor.  I worry that some stories may seem too harsh toward certain characters, and I’m sure that my memory of some things is clouded with embellishments and selective amnesia.  If I offend, please let me know. That isn’t what I’m trying to do.

What I want is to steadily grow in love for God, and for people, and to steadily enjoyy the wonderful world that God created.  The people and the world may seem like a mess, but we have to remember that the rebellion, sin, and suffering of the present are miniscule compared to all that is, and all that will be.  The Great Story is the one that proceeds from creation to fall to covenant to incarnation to death to everlasting life.   It’s the story of Agape Love. Let’s discover and live this story together with our Maker, Savior, Teacher, Friend, and King.


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