My boy and his dog

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2 thoughts on “My boy and his dog”

  1. Dave,
    Great pics of Joey and Missy. Really puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. Miss you guys a lot. We went to a hockey game last night. We watched the “Big Boys” play from Erik’s club. Every time they scored a goal, 12 total, they played the same music they play at Sharks games. I closed my eyes and imagined myself home in the San Jose Arena and all of a sudden I just wasn’t in the HP arean but I was home. Please continue to pray that we will be able to find a place to live. Love to you all,

  2. Dear Dave and Joey,

    I remember when you got your dog. What a hard decision it was- so weighted with visions of potential loss as well as gain. And then I saw her- what a funny looking thing! What a whimsical combination of doggy genes. And then we all got to know her. What a fortuitous melange of doggy characteristics to fill out the love of a growing family!


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