Late Winter Flowers

The plum trees are the first to celebrate the end of winter.  They burst into bloom with the first mild weather in January.

Our plum trees include some old pink ornamental plums with red foliage.   The dark bark has lichens on the north side.   There are also a couple of varieties of native plums with red/green or light green leaves and white blossoms and small fruit.

Next come the daffadils and some other early bulbs.

Our climate is so mild that some of the perennial shrubs are in bloom and will continue for most of the year. Mexican sage and several varieties of lavender are loaded with purple blossoms.     

It isn’t warm enough for most citrus, but lemons do well  and are setting on new blossoms while still carrying mature fruit from last year. 

Our cala lilies are also very early and prolific this year after good rains and then a warm January.   I love seeing the lilies and daffodils in bright light just after the rain, except when they get so loaded with water that they bend down and become breakfast for slugs.



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